Emory Morrison


Emory Morrison has been affiliated with CIRGE since the 2004 to 2005 academic year when he held an appointment as a Post Doctoral Fellow. Subsequent to this appointment, Emory has maintained his association with CIRGE as an affiliate faculty member while his primary appointment was with Mississippi State University as an Assistant Professor of Sociology. With CIRGE, Emory has specialized in analyses of PhD Career Path Tracking, especially the Social Sciences PhDs – Five Years Out Study which was developed and administered while Emory was in residence at CIRGE.

With CIRGE Emory collaborated on projects which lead to publications in the Review of Higher Education, Research in Higher Education, the Journal of Higher Education and the Journal of Marriage and the Family. He also contributed to a number of CIRGE reports.

Emory’s experience with CIRGE and his role in analyses of PhD career pathways has served as a foundation for later steps in his career: first to the National Science Foundation’s Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, and later to the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) where he currently holds the position of Director of Policy Research Studies.

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