Doctoral Students

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Doctoral Students

  Roxana Chiappa

Roxana is a PhD candidate in Higher Education. Her research interests encompass doctorate education, internationalization of higher education, scientific and innovation policies implemented in Latin American countries.
Currently, Roxana is working in her dissertation project, which  analyzes in what extent social class of origin influences the career path of PhD holders working in Chile.


  Ziyan Bai

Ziyan earned her bachelor’s degree from Nankai University, China, and her master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Washington, Seattle. She is currently a PhD candidate  in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (Higher Education) at the University of Washington. Her research topic is exploring the interactions between institutional response to state budget cut on higher education and students’ experience in master’s programs in the United States.

 Jim Pridgeon

Jim is involved in development and editing of research grants, publications and web content.  He is also involved with marketing and contributes to NIH sponsored research capacity-building efforts in Latin America by supporting grant writing and publications with the Latin American Brain Injury Consortium.  He has 30 years experience in research administration and has helped raise over $100 million for neuroscience research.